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Services – vaccination age (0 to 18 years),
OPD(6 days/ week)
NICU,PICU(ventilator, CPAP, warmer, infusion pump, photography, exchange transfusion, peritoneal dialysis etc)
24 hr emergency (admission)
Pediatric surgery (0 day to adult)
Caseless (available)




Dr. Mani Bhushan

Advanced Child Care and cure, K40(north to k sector park), Hanuman Nagar, P C Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna-800020

[email protected]

Mob: 9204664804



MD Pediatric, PMCH, Patna, 2005-08

MBBS, ANMMC, Gaya, 1997-2003



  • Associate Professor and HOD Department of paediatrics in MMC, Madhubani
  • Former Assistant Professor at ANMMC, Gaya. (2015-2018)
  • Former Assistant Professor at LBKMC, Saharsha. (2011-2015)
  • Senior Residency, PGIMER, Chandigarh, 2008-11(3 year)
  • Former consultant at Fortis Hospital, Faridabad

Attended various national and international pediatric conferences.


Publication National/International: 10 as 1st author in national journal.

1. Macrocephaly–capillary malformation syndrome: Three new cases, Journal of the Neurological Sciences ,Volume 313, Issues 1–2, 15 February 2012, Pages 178-181

  1. Immunodeficiency,, centrometrichetrochromatin instability of chromosomes 1, 9 and 16, and facial anomalies the ICF syndrome, Int J Contemp Pediatr. 2017 jul:4(4)
  2. Valproate embryopathy with limb reduction: case report and literature review, Indian journal of Human Genetics January- march 2014 volume 20 Isue1
  3. Clinical profile and outcome of scorpion bite in children in Magadh region of Bihar, International journal of medical and health research, Volume 4: Issue 3: March 2018: Page No. 171-173



DOB: 27-09-1978

Nationality: Indian

Skills / Interest: Neonatology, Intensive Pediatric care

Best Child Specialist Doctor in Patna

Dr. Mani Bhushan pediatrician Doctor in Patna who has over 19 years of experience and has almost 5 star rating for my previous treatments. I am available for video calls, voice calls and also available on address to solve your health issues of child care and cure.


Hello, I’m Doctor Mani Bhushan. My experience as a pediatrician has led me to become one of the best in my field. I have helped many children through various types of illnesses and conditions, including childhood cancers and chronic childhood illnesses. I offer video chats, voice calls and consultations at my in-office location.I am a highly qualified pediatrician, doctor of medicine and surgery. I have important expertise in common pediatric conditions such as ear infections, middle ear impaction, heart murmurs and recurrent wheezing among others. I have helped countless children through all stages of life, and I’m confident that I can help your child too. You won’t find another doctor that has a better rating than mine! We have the Best Pediatricians In Doctor, who can treat your child’s health and solve the problems related to his or her life. Our child specialist doctor has almost 19 years of experience in dealing with children and he has a good track record of treating his patients. Our pediatrician is available for video calls, voice calls & also available on address to solve health issues of child care and cure Our Dr. Mani Bhushan certified Best Child Specialist Doctor in Patna, Pediatrician  with over 19 years of experience in this field. His services are available for video calls to resolve any health issues child care and cure.Dr. Mani Bhushan is  general physician and allergy specialist who has treated the health issues of children and aids in tackling any other medical concerns.


Get a doctor for your children at affordable price.

With Nutrispeak, you can find doctors for your children. You can book appointments easily and without headache.We are a doctor that treats kids. We help your children to get healthy and grow, so they can lead a productive e life.No more pediatricians’ waiting rooms or harsh treatments. Hire the right one for your kid.At your reputable, neighborhood clinic we provide a wide range of pediatric services that are tailored to you and your family.We ensure that your kids are in good and competent hands. Our team will give them the best care, making their health a priority.Kids are the most precious gifts anyone will ever give in life. Our health is at the top of our list when it comes to taking care of them.

Do you have a child who is sick and need a pediatrician?

Our child specialists are available to help you. Pediatrician with 19 years of experience and almost 5 star rating for his previous treatments. He is available for video calls, voice calls & also available on address to solve health issues of child care and cure.


Have a little one that needs a doctor?

If you can’t see me in person, but need someone who can help with your child’s health issues, please contact me by email or call me at the number below. I am available to provide you with the best medical advice on your child’s health issues. We have experience in the field of Child Specialist Doctor in Kankarbagh, Pediatrician Specialist Doctor in Patna . My professional role has helped me to provide the best possible medical care for my patients.

Pediatrician Specialist Doctor in Patna

You can arrange us on an address to help you with any kind of problems that your child may be facing.I am a well-respected pediatrician and leader in the field with over 19 years of experience. I have excellent reviews for my treatments, and have treated almost 5 star recommendations for previous patients.The doctor is a pediatrician,


I am a Pediatrician with over 20 years of experience and experience in dealing with health issues (cosmetology, obesity and diabetes) for children.Dr.Mani Bhushan will treat your child’s health needs and provide the best care to help you get back to a happy family. I have more than 5 star rating on previous treatments so you can trust me. Get a doctor for your children at affordable price. This pediatrician Doctor in Patna will help your kids get healthy and have a long term effect on their life.Though we are a highly qualified pediatrician and pediatrician, our specialists can help you in different areas of health such as general medicine, skin care and hair care We have treated thousands of patients of many medical conditions and have helped to save lives by discovering diagnoses at an early stage. We are a full-service, physician-directed practice dedicated to delivering the highest quality care in a personal and family-centered environment. We believe in giving back through our Free Charity Program, which includes donations every year to local charities.

Child Specialist Doctor in Kankarbagh

We offer the best in medical care with services ranging from routine checkups to emergency and urgent care for childs. We understand that many families are unable to pay for basic medical care, so we have launched our own Free Charity Program, which includes donations to local charities.We are a friendly practice that brings a personal touch to the modern high-tech world. Our doctors talk with their patients and listen to what’s important to them. We believe in treating people like family.We’re changing the way women feel about going to the doctor. Come visit one of our family-centered offices in Redmond, Washington or Seattle, Washington. We make it easy to experience quality care that fits your life.The doctor cares with individualized attention and education. She inspires trust and gives you straight answers without the attitude or high-pressure or politics of a big practice. I feel comfortable asking questions and the staff is super friendly. You can feel the difference here. Our doctors take pride in delivering compassionate, personalized care. You are an individual who matters and your satisfaction is our child patients.

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