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Best Doctor In Patna Sk Madhukar

Sk Madhukar Is one Of the best Pulmonologist or General Physician Doctor in Patna. Sk Madhukar was awarded Gold Medal From Aiims Delhi. He is also ex-resident Delhi Aiims.


Sk Madhukar has well Experience in Myocardial Infarction Chest Pain Cardiac Procedure Heart Failure & Hypertension Pulmonary Valves Peripheral Artery Disease Specialist.If You Are Suffering From Any Type Of Cardiac Problem Plz Consult our Clinic


We are Offer our patient to Care and make all  neurological  treatment to all patients. We are treating a lots of neurological cases Between Ten Years.We are Specializes Brain Injury Neuro-Infection stroke headache epilepsy etc..


We are expertise in Urinary Tract Infection Enlarge Prostate Bladder Infection Blood in Urine that is called Hematuria specialist Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumors Kidney Stones.We are experience 10 years in treating variety urological disorders Problem.


Sk Madhukar is one of the best Nephrologist Doctor  in Patna.We are various treating nephrological Disorder Like : Acute Kidney Injury Kidney Stones Urinary Tract Stones Urinary tract infection treatment urinary system Disorder Chronic Kidney treatment



Sk Madhukar Liver Specialist Doctor in Patna Madhukar Clinic.Any One suffering from liver disease and gastrointestinal problems Like Jaundice disorder of digestive system gallbladder ulcers Any Types Of hepatitis diarrhea Bowel Disorders Acute Colitis  treatment Pancreatitis problem


Sk Madhukar is Pulmonologist  Or Chest Specialist Doctor in patna. We have Experience in asthma Allergy Lungs Infection chest Pain coughing in blood Acute bronchitis Pneumonia Pulmonary embolism or TB


As we have generally heard from our elders that doctors are the second form of god. But nowadays, every single person is only oriented to money-making without giving a damn to the other person. In this highly competitive and money-making age, people have forgotten even their fundamentals such as morality and humanity. Even the doctors haven’t been untouched from it and everybody reaches a doctor when he or she is in poor or bad health condition. These days, doctors also only focus on making money by seeing patients as their customers. After charging a thick amount from the patient, they don’t provide the best treatment to the patient because they thought if they treat a patient completely then their income source will be diminished. As a result, they try to retain a patient as long as possible to earn a good money amount. But in this money-making world, many people also have humanity left and prioritize it over money. Dr. SK Madhukar is one of the same kind of doctors.

Dr. SK Madhukar is a renowned name in the healthcare sector. He is counted among the Best doctor in Patna. As far as his educational qualification is concerned, he holds an MBBS degree from a reputed medical college in Bihar.    

After completing his degree, he took on-hand training in different world-class medical institutions in India and during this tenure, he got the chance to work with many reputed government hospitals where he delivered his services and sharpen as well as explored his knowledge of treatment. In such kinds of medical entities, he proffered his best-in-class services and gave many patients a new life by curing them of their fatal and chronic diseases.    

He has been active in this field for many years and hence he has gained good expertise in curing organs of patients. Until now, he has cured thousands of patients who were suffering from different severe health complications.  


General Physician Doctor In Patna

After serving many governments as well as non-government hospitals for many years, he has initiated his hospital. The hospital aims to serve all kinds of patients who require adequate and expert treatment. With this aim of serving society by making it healthy, a team of highly diligent professional doctors, nurses and many other staff members work round the clock for the same of making people free from their health disorders as well as healthy. Under the skilled guidance and expertise of Dr. SK Madhukar, his institution is running very successfully and curing many patients on a daily basis.   

Feel free to consult Dr. SK Madhukar anytime on the provided contact details and get the best health consultation as well as treatment from him at the most economical rates.